Solar Energy Offers Many Tax Credits & Rebates

Believe it or not, governments offer many different solar energy tax credits and rebates to encourage people to go solar with their homes and businesses. Changing over to a sustainable energy source and lowering your energy output benefits not only you, but the people and environment around you as well. While each state’s policies will vary, it is clear that nearly every one supports a switch to solar energy.

The federal government allows you to take advantage of an ITC or Investment tax credit. This particular ITC will allow you to reduce your home solar system costs by 30%. You should take note, that this government funding is a limited resource and is rewarded on a first come, first serve basis. For a solar consultation, reach out to us today and we will put you in contact with one of our solar experts!

If you want to find out specific rebates and offers in your area, you can visit to find out.

Have More Questions About Solar Energy Tax Credits?

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