How To Enhance Your Home Solar Energy System

A company that handles Staten Island solar panels is naturally going to talk about the virtues of using Staten Island solar power to save money on electric bills all year round. But there are ways to save money using the sun that do not involve having State Island solar installers coming to your property to size up your roof for panels. While getting a solar power system installed in your home is a great way to save money, there are other ways you can use the sun to lower your energy bills that can enhance the work your Staten Island solar panels are doing.

Using The Sun To Heat Your Home

Those Staten Island winters may sometimes come with sub-zero temperatures, but that does not mean that the weather outside cannot help to heat your home. The great thing about double-pane, insulated windows is that they keep out the cold, but they also allow the warming rays of the sun to get through and into your home.

During the winter, your Staten Island solar power system is helping to keep your energy bills down by using the energy from the sun to run your electrical systems. But you can use the heat from the sun to heat your home and save even more money on your energy bills. All you need to do is open up your curtains during the day and let those warming rays of sunshine into your home and be prepared to turn the furnace down.

Solar-Powered Water Heater

You can have Staten Island solar installers put panels on your home to capture the sun’s rays and turn them into electricity for you, but there is a more direct way to use the sun to supply a very specific source of electricity consumption. It takes a lot of electricity to heat your water, and a solar-powered water heater can bring the cost of heating your water down to almost nothing.

You will need professional Staten Island solar installers to put in your solar-powered water heater, but it is well worth the investment. Your water heater will work together with your main Staten Island solar power system to significantly reduce the amount of electricity you pay for every month.

Solar-Powered Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can enhance your landscaping and make your walkways safer. But many people avoid installing outdoor lighting because of the cost to burn lights all night long. When you use solar-powered outdoor lighting, you can make your property safer and avoid all of the electricity costs that come with running a bank of lights for hours at a time.

When you have a Staten Island solar power system installed into your home, you are taking the right steps towards saving money on your energy costs, and helping the environment as well. But there are ways that you can further harness the power of the sun and save yourself more money than you ever could have imagined.

Ideal Solar Conditions

3 Factors That Make Your Home Ideal For Solar Panels

Anyone who is considering having Staten Island solar panels installed on their home is going to do the necessary research to determine why solar is a good idea for them. They will take the time to talk to a variety of Staten Island solar installers and find the company that gives them the reliable information they need to make a decision.

As you go through the process of deciding whether on not to have a Staten Island solar power system installed on your home, there are some aspects of your home that make it impossible for you to ignore solar. Not only can Staten Island solar panels save you money for many years to come, but some homes were just built to take advantage of solar power.

You Live On A Property With A Southern Orientation

Sometimes a property is so perfect for Staten Island solar power that it is almost as if the property was developed with solar in mind. If you have the ability to install solar panels on your home, or your property, in a way that is within 40 degrees of direct south, then you have the perfect property for solar. This applies to any property in the northern hemisphere, which applies to anyone interested in Staten Island solar panels.

If you are unsure how to measure your home’s orientation towards direct south, then you can call in experienced Staten Island solar installers to help you out. Having a house with this ideal orientation in the Staten Island area is not as out of the ordinary as you may think, and it will definitely allow you to maximize your solar system.

Your Property Has Very Little Shade

There was a time when properties without shade were considered burdens during the hotter months of the year. But if your property lacks the tall shade trees and other sunlight obstacles that can decrease solar efficiency, then you are living on the perfect piece of land to benefit from Staten Island solar power.

For many people, an added expense of getting solar panels installed is having trees either trimmed or removed completely. But if your property is already exposed to the sun, then you are ready to take advantage of everything solar energy has to offer.

Your House Is Designed For Solar

Everyone in the Staten Island area should consider having a solar system installed on their homes, but sometimes the design of a home can affect the efficiency of the system. For example, a roof with multiple peaks is going to cause a shadow problem for the panels installed in the valleys of that roof.

If your home has a roof with a decent pitch and no secondary peaks, then your home is ideally designed for a solar system. You can have your Staten Island solar panels installed on either side of your roof and enjoy lower energy bills.

Staten Island solar power really is for anyone who wants it, and financing deals make it easier than ever to afford a solar system. But if your home and property are ideally suited for a solar system to get maximum efficiency, then having a solar system installed is something you cannot ignore.

Staten Island Solar Panels

What To Expect From Your Home Solar System

Prior to having Staten Island solar panels installed, it helps to be able to set the proper expectations so that the installers know how to create a solar power system that will meet your needs. Developing a Staten Island solar power system involves measuring the sunlight as it strikes various parts of your roof and then determining how many solar panels will be needed to maximize energy output. It is a complicated process that Staten Island solar installers are able to do efficiently, and relatively quickly.

But as hard as installers work to create the perfect Staten Island solar power matrix for your home, they still need your input to develop a system that will meet your energy needs. If a homeowner is unsure how to help professional installers develop a strong Staten Island solar power system, then they may be disappointed at the results they get.

Average Energy Use

One of the most powerful tools solar panel experts have in developing the perfect system for your home is determining your average energy use. If you used a lot less energy last year than the year before but it was due to circumstances that will not be repeated, then you need to let the installer know so they can take that uncharacteristic drop in usage into account when designing your system.

When Staten Island solar power experts analyze your energy bills, they will look at trends to see how they can create a system that will deliver the best results. If your energy use is showing a downward trend, then that will affect how your solar system is designed. Discuss your energy usage with the solar experts and give them all of the information they need to put together a solar panel matrix that works.

Increasing Energy Usage

In some cases, it can be difficult for homeowners to look into the future and predict when they will increase their energy usage. But if you plan on buying an electric car or having a heated swimming pool installed in the near future, then that will definitely affect how your Staten Island solar installers design your system.

Work Closely With Your Installers

Professional Staten Island solar installers will ask you questions about your future and past energy use to get an idea as to what kind of system to design. Before you start talking about solar panels with the experts, you should get together information such as your past energy bills and any plans you have for increased energy use in the future. This is critical information that installers need to design a system that offers premium benefits.

The worse thing that can happen to a solar customer is to have panels installed and then not see an impact on their energy bills. The best way to prevent that from happening is to work closely with your installers on past energy trends and future energy plans. If your low energy bills last year were due to special circumstances, then let the installers know so they can use that information to create a solar panel matrix that will save you money.

Top Six Myths About Solar Energy For Your Home

When it comes to deciding on whether to call on a Staten Island solar power company to install solar panels on a home, some people hesitate. Whether it is using solar power or having solar panels installed, there are myths that keep people from making the move. Once you understand the truth about solar energy, then it gets easier to make the right decision.

Solar Energy Is Still Too New

When you drive around and see solar panels in use, you may think that those people are not benefiting from the latest in solar technology. The truth is that solar technology has not made many significant changes since the 1960’s and the technology that is being used now is pretty much the same as the technology that was used when homes first started using solar power.

I Must Store All Of My Excess Electricity In Batteries

It is true that you can have a battery system installed to store excess electricity to be used later, but that is not your only option. Many people choose to dump their excess electricity back onto the public power grid and watch their electric meter spin backwards. If you are using your Staten Island solar energy system to enhance your grid power, then this is a great way to save money on your bills.

Solar Panels Are High-Tech Pieces Of Equipment That Need Expensive Maintenance

While the status of solar energy being high-tech is debatable, their need for excessive maintenance is not. Your solar energy system requires little to no maintenance on your part at all. If you allow the rain to clean off your solar panels, then your maintenance obligations drop to zero.

Only Rich People Can Afford Solar Panels

Solar panels have become so common that there are finance companies set up to help homeowners get the financing they need to have panels installed. The upfront costs for solar panels have dropped dramatically and that puts these products in everyone’s price range. When you take away all of the state and federal tax breaks and rebates you get for installing solar panels, you have an investment that can pay for itself in as little as seven years.

Solar Panels Will Damage My Roof

Solar panels are attached to a rail system that is installed on your roof that allows the necessary air and water flow to maintain your roof’s integrity. If you have contractors who need to remove your panels, then they are very easy to remove and reinstall. Solar panels can also protect your roof from hail, hard rain, and other unexpected weather that would normally cause damage to an unprotected roof.

Cold Climates Cannot Use Solar Power

Homeowners in San Francisco may think that their cold and foggy climate would be counterproductive to a solar power system, but they would be wrong. Anyone who has spent enough time at the beach knows that you can get sunburn on a cloudy day. The energy from the sun will find a way through and solar panels are also very good at picking up ambient light. Since solar energy is extremely popular in cloudy and foggy Europe, we know that it will work in any kind of climate.

Before you dismiss solar energy, you need to take a look at the truth behind the myths. It is time for you to understand and reap the benefits of the alternative energy source of the future.